Meet Magdalena Giuria
from Uruguay

Magdalena Giuria is an ACE Leader at the forefront of the innovation ecosystem in Uruguay, leveraging her experience at the ACE program to nurture an entrepreneurial culture and advance inclusive business development.

Based on the experience and knowledge shared during ACE Texas and Florida in the United States, Magdalena -or as her friends call her, Maggie- spearheaded the creation of the Ithaka Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU). The Ithaka Center is one of UCU’s key programs for the term 2018-2022. The Ithaka Center focuses on social impact and circular economy through tech-based innovation. To date, 25 startups have been incubated in Ithaka Center.

Who is Maggie?

She is the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Catholic University of Uruguay. In her role, she leads the University’s incubator and idea lab, as well as coordinates the courses regarding these topics. As an entrepreneur herself, Maggie co-founded Brava a talent agency that strives to empower women in business. Brava has mentored more than 100 women since its inception and works with more than 12 companies to leverage equality in the workplace.

If you are interested in inclusive innovation and business development in Uruguay, please refer to the Ithaka Center or Brava websites to explore opportunities for collaboration, trade, and investment.

Maggie earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management from the ORT University of Uruguay.

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