Although known as a “Hub of Hubs,” Panama is a tropical paradise that lures travelers with its diverse landscapes, rich biodiversity, and fascinating cultural heritage. With scenic beaches along both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, lush rainforests pouring with wildlife, and charming colonial towns, the country offers a wide range of attractions. The rich historical background of Panama, influenced by indigenous cultures and Spanish colonization, has contributed to its unique cultural heritage. This diverse heritage, in turn, has become an important attraction for tourism, boosting the economy. The presence of the Panama Canal, an engineering marvel completed in 1914, has been a key driver of Panama’s economic development.

As the next host for the Americas Competitiveness Exchange, Panama is eager to showcase its capacity to continue strengthening competitiveness in the Americas, introduce high-level stakeholders to our rich cultural heritage, and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange by sharing some of the most innovative companies and projects in our region. Panama is ready to connect high-level stakeholders to the world and beyond.

Panamanian culture has become an integral part of the tourism sector, further bolstering economic growth. Indigenous cultures, such as the Guna Yala and Emberá peoples, showcase their traditions and craftsmanship, offering unique cultural experiences and fostering cultural exchange.

During the five-day program, high-level decision-makers are encouraged to explore new trade and investment cooperation opportunities, mutually beneficial partnerships, and to spark ideas for business, entrepreneurship and R&D projects that support inclusive economic growth.

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