Under Secretary of Trade and Investment

State of Tabasco





Undersecretary of Trade Promotion and Investment Attraction at the Ministry of Economic Development and Competitiveness in Tabasco, Mexico. Among my responsibilities is the planning and implementation of targeted trade-investment programs and building knowledge-driven projects for key productive prospects, as well as the encouragement of trade facilitation and import/export value chain activities. Prior to my tenure at SEDEC Tabasco, I have been involved in foreign trade and negotiations (20 years) by working in the federal government as head of international cooperation & negotiations in both the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property-Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor. Professor of Global Politics of the IB Diploma course and has taught Model United Nations-Negotiations program and Industrial Property for Business at college level. I hold a Master of International Business Management degree and a bachelor’s degree in international Relations from the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico. Training Courses on Multilateral Trade, IP, Investment and negotiations, mainly.

Reasons to join the program

Participating in this program will enhance my understanding about global economic development facts and trends by learning models and strategies focused on industry and productive sectors that have a local potential growth. (Manufacture, Automotive, Agribusiness, Forestry, Renewable energy, TICs, Infrastructure-Logistics, Oil & Gas, among others). Likewise, this program will help me to strengthen my knowledge and communication-negotiation skills by identifying trade and investment international cases, and; therefore, sharing best practices through teamwork networks, I am willing to build ties to promote economic development that would let me lead (high-level decision making) to implement initiatives in current-local projects. By having public, private, and academic sector attendees’ this program will empower us all to collaborate and connect with a variety of global related actors (companies, academic & new IT institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials) to exchange experiences and find out opportunities. On the other hand, it would be a great experience to visit Seattle and get to know its outstanding cultural, social, environmental, economic and political practices.