Executive Director

Center for SMEs Regional Promotion (Cenpromype), Central American Integration System (SICA)



David Cabrera, Executive Director, Cenpromype (Center for promotion of MSMEs). Direct and manage the technical structure of the institution promoting the economic and social development of the SICA region through business development and financial services. Entrepreneurship, innovation, access to financing, technical assistance, internationalization are the main lines of work. I lead the operation of programs and projects in the 8 countries of the SICA region, giving content to the objectives of economic integration in the region. Programs such as Rural MSMEs, Green MSMEs, MSMEs in Markets, Online MSMEs, Women and MSMEs are our intervention mechanisms in the territory.

Reasons to join the program

Positioning, search for partners, good practices, promoting programs for the development of the region, experience, knowledge.