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National Association of Development Organizations


United States

United States


Jody C. (Joe) McKinney Executive Director National Association of Development Organizations Joe McKinney serves as Executive Director of the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO). Headquartered in Washington, DC, NADO provides advocacy, education, research, and training for the nation’s 540 regional planning and development organizations. Joe has thirty-one years of experience having served in city, county, regional and national association and government management since 1991. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Analysis from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a candidate for a master’s degree in Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. McKinney has provided congressional testimony on numerous occasions regarding the importance of regional development organizations in helping shape the nation’s economy. He is nationally recognized for promoting innovative solutions in areas such as planning and economic development, workforce development, transportation and transit, and aging services. Previously served as Executive Director of Land of Sky Regional Council (Asheville, NC) and other City/County Manager positions throughout this career.

Reasons to join the program

Serving the nation’s economic development districts, NADO strives to be at the forefront of national and international community and economic development efforts across the country. Many previous participants have encouraged me to apply to ACE given the link between regional development and the diverse participants in the program. Personally, I hope to expand my network of economic innovators that can help provide training and education opportunities for our members.