Director, Partnerships and Sustainable Finance

Pan American Development Foundation



Sowmya Krishnamoorthy, Pan American Development Foundation Director – Partnerships and Sustainable Finance Economic Opportunities Practice Area Leader Sowmya Krishnamoorthy joined PADF in 2014 in our Port-au-Prince field office and is currently based in Washington D.C. She oversees private sector partnerships and sustainable finance investments. Previously, she managed the implementation of PADF’s programs in the Caribbean and has experience directing programs in entrepreneurship, workforce training, local governance, environmental sustainability, and disaster response. Krishnamoorthy is also a Practice Lead for Economic Opportunities, focusing on innovative financing, local enterprise development, public-private partnerships, supply and value-chain development, and promoting a market-based approach within PADF’s programming. Prior to PADF, she worked for the Fortune Magazine Group supporting strategic development of the business brands at Time Inc. She also worked at the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund facilitating investments and enterprise development in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Krishnamoorthy has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hollins University and a J.D. from Duke University School of Law.

Reasons to join the program

PADF’s economic opportunities and sustainable livelihoods programs are focused on education/employability, entrepreneurship and job creation, as well environment and climate resilience. I am interested in participating in the ACE Seattle program in order to create stronger linkages between our work in Latin America and the Caribbean promoting inclusive economic development (especially for migrants, indigenous populations, and women/gender minorities) and business and economic development leaders centered in Seattle. In addition, PADF manages a STEM Americas program that builds skilled workforce around curriculums in Aerospace and Oceans. Interested in engaging partners and strengthening this program that currently includes Boeing as a main partner. Finally, PADF is invested in building blue economy opportunities in the region and promoting greater use of technology as countries in Latin America and the Caribbean make climate resilience investments.