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Jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

Ernesto Marinero

Ernesto Marinero

Director y Profesor de Ingeniería de Materiales, Eléctrica y Computación, Purdue University

Ernesto E. Marinero is a Research Staff Member at the Hitachi San Jose Research Center and an Adjunct Professor at the School of Materials Engineering at Purdue University. His current research focuses on the material physics of nano-scale magnetic materials and devices and their nano-fabrication for future magnetic storage technology. The physical understanding of the correlation of structure-property relationships in order to engineer materials properties and device functionality has been the underpinning of his research career in industry. An integral part of his work is the search for new materials and physical processes to overcome the physical limitations of materials and devices that hinder technology roadmap attainment.

Marinero received his BSc and PhD degrees in Physics in 1973 and 1977 respectively, from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. His research experience in both fundamental and applied science has been gained through appointments in Europe and the USA. This includes the Max Planck Institute in Gottingen, Germany; Stanford University, California; the IBM Almaden Research Center and the Hitachi San Jose Research Center both in San Jose, California.

He is an experimental physicist whose multi-disciplinary research projects have spanned diverse fields such as Materials Science, Semiconductor Physics, Growth of Nanostructured Materials and Thin Films, Laser Physics and Picosecond Phenomena, Laser-Materials Processing, Magnetism, Surface Science and Nanoscale Sensor Device Physics and Fabrication. His research in Academia and at the Max-Planck Institute involved Photochemistry, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, Laser-isotope separation Chemical Physics and the development of tunable XUV laser sources. His research has been widely published in the scientific literature; it has been the subject of 57 invited talks given at international conferences and has been utilized in IBM’s and Hitachi’s technology products. The outcome of his original work is the subject of numerous US, Asian and European patents. He serves as referee of several scientific journals and has been recently appointed to the Editorial Board of Physical Review X (PRX), the latest addition to the APS Physical Review Journals, which is a new, open access, primary research journal covering all of physics and its application to related fields.

Marinero is a strong proponent of academia-industry partnerships and has effectively leveraged his research in industry through Joint Study Agreements between his laboratory and Universities as well as the National Laboratories. He has been the Principal Investigator of 22 research projects with academic and research institutions in the USA, Europe and Latin-America. In addition, Marinero has been actively involved in teaching and graduate student supervision. He has co-supervised the research of over 20 graduate students. He has given numerous short courses at conferences, workshops and summer schools in the USA and Latin-America. He has developed strong scientific ties with Latin-America, in particular with the National University of Mexico (UNAM) –the largest academic institution in the Hispanic world- and is the advisor of several graduate students and the Principal Investigator of two research programs. In addition he has served as an External Evaluator and Advisor to UNAM in Nanoscience Research Programs.

Marinero has served in NSF, DARPA and DOE committees and has managed a DARPA sponsored Academia-Industry Consortium. He has served as Meeting Chair, Organizer and member of several committees of the Materials Research Society. He is currently a Scientific Evaluator and member of the Users Executive Committee of the DOE Molecular Foundry (MoF) Nanotechnology Center. He is also the representative for the MoF in the National User Facility Organization (NUFO) that advocates the interests of all users who conduct research at US national scientific user facilities. He has been a member of the American Physical Society since 1982 has served in several committees and is currently the Chair of the Forum for Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP), the largest unit of the APS. He is also the representative for the APS to the AAAS Section on Industrial Science and Technology. During his tenure as Chair of FIAP, Marinero has placed his highest priority in working with the APS and the AIP to best represent and create opportunities to meet the needs of physicists working in Industry, the National Laboratories and Applied Physics Departments both at home and abroad.

Jorge A. Goldstein

Jorge A. Goldstein

Director Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, Washington DC; Profesor Invitado, Universidad Austral, Argentina

Jorge Goldstein es director fundador de Sterne Kessler Goldstein y Fox, PLLC, una firma de abogacía de 340 personas en Washington DC, que se especializa en Propiedad Intelectual. Fundó el grupo de práctica de Biotecnología y Química en 1982 y, después de servir como Director Gerente de la firma durante muchos años, es ahora el líder de su grupo de práctica. Mantiene una activa práctica en la concesión, licenciatura y litigios de patentes delante de la Oficina de Patentes de EEUU. También es líder de la práctica pro bono del estudio: PI y Derechos Humanos, y miembro del Comité de Ética y Conducta Profesional del estudio.

Nacido en Buenos Aires, recibió su Doctorado en Ciencias Químicas de la Universidad de Harvard en 1976, y su título de abogado de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad George Washington en 1982. El Dr. Goldstein tiene 36 años de experiencia en la preparación, procesamiento, otorgamiento, licenciatura, aplicación y litigio de patentes biotecnológicas. Vale destacar entre sus varios casos de apelación, In re Wands et al 8 USPQ2d 1400 (Fed. Cir. 1988), en el cual Goldstein fue abogado principal. Wands es un precedente crucial sobre habilitación en biotecnología. En 2014 fue abogado principal en el caso BTG v Silanes / Bioclon, representando a sus clientes mexicanos delante de la Comisión de Comercio Internacional en Washington,  en una queja traída por BTG por importación de anti-venenos contra mordeduras de serpiente.

Ha publicado y dado numerosas conferencias sobre temas de derecho de patentes biotecnológicas. Es Profesor de Derecho de la Universidad Austral en Buenos Aires, donde desde 2011 y cada año, ha dado un curso anual sobre biotecnología y patentes, como parte de una Maestría patrocinada por la OMPI. El Legal Times de Washington, Chambers EE.UU. y 500 Legal lo han nombrado varias veces como Abogado Líder en EE.UU. y, en 2013, fue nombrado Abogado del Año en Biotecnología, por Best Lawyers in América.

Michael Rosen, MBA

Michael Rosen, MBA


Sociólogo: B.A. Beloit College
MBA: Universityy of Miami

Estudios Post-grado:
– Northwestern University
– Keio University (tokyo, Japan)
– University Técnica Federico Santa María (Santiago de Chile)

– Lake Forest Grad. School of Management
– Northwestern University- El negocio de la Biotecnología

 Empresas Multinacionales:
– Monsanto
– Pfizer
– Bristol-Myers Suibb
– Unilever

Empresas de Biotecnología (Presidente/CEO)
– PharmaMar (Oncología)
– Endorex  (Oncología)
– Immune Cell Therapy (Oncología)

Países Vividos:
– Japón – Inglaterra – España – Italia – Colombia – Perú – Costa Rica – Guatemala



Allan Jarry

Allan Jarry

Allan Jarry is the founder of JarryIP. In addition to handling the overall management of the Firm, he is also JarryIP’s Trademark Group Manager. He is a natural entrepreneur, active in the VC industry and Internet based Startups investments, acting as a mentor of young entrepreneurs, helping them protect and grow their ideas through DadNeos Seed Fund. He has over 20 years of experience working in intellectual property – both in Chile (formerly of Estudio Harnecker and Carey y Cia.) and throughout Latin America (as Director of Integra-IP, now LatAmRIGHT offered through JarryIP’s International Division).

He uses his significant experience in IP, both as a practitioner and the owner of several IP and innovation related businesses, to provide clients with the most efficient and cost effective management and enforcement of their trademark portfolios in Chile and throughout Latin America.Allan is a frequent lecturer at local business organizations in Chile and in the Region, on how and why to best protect and commercialize IP.

Married and father of five children and enjoys sharing his love of travel and sport with his family.

– Trademarks
– Patents
– IP Management
– Licensing and Commercialization of Technologies
– Venture Capital

– MBA, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
– LLM, Intellectual Property Law, Franklin Pierce Center, University of New Hampshire School of Law
– Scholarship in Post Graduate Program in IP Rights Management
– Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation – 2002 (Tokyo, Japan)
– Train the Trainers Course
– LESI (Paris, France 2008)

– 2001 to Present, Adjunct Professor at «Universidad Católica de Chile» – FInal-Year-Curriculum Course: «Commercial & Technical Aspects of Intellectual Property in Chile».
– Founder and President of LES Chile (2007 – 2009)
– Speaker at several international and local Seminars on IP (2003 up to date)