Leyland Lucas

Dean, School of Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation

University of Guyana


Leyland Lucas

Dr. Leyland M. Lucas is the Founding Dean & Professor of Management, University of Guyana, School of Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation (SEBI), and holds degrees from the University of Guyana, New York University, Howard University, and Rutgers Business School in New Jersey. Before joining academia, he worked in Economic Planning, Real Estate, Banking, and non-profits. Since joining academia, he has taught at several institutions in the US and the Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration (GIMPA), and published peer-reviewed articles on several business topics. Since returning to Guyana, he has participated in discussions relevant to the local economy. He believes that Guyana’s economic future rests on a Green State Development Strategy. As such, Oil revenues should be used as the basis for sustainable development and the promotion of other economic sectors. He has served on several national Policy Boards in both the Public and Non-Governmental Sectors.

Partnership opportunities:

Mr. Lucas seeks to better understand the entrepreneurial ecosystems that exist within the region. He also seeks  to identify ways in which partnerships could be developed to improve both the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Guyana, and improve the teaching, practice, and development of support systems to promote Entrepreneurship


Mr. Lucas offers information on the challenges within the Guyana Entrepreneurial Ecosystem; Opportunities for collaboration between institutions; Information on opportunities for social entrepreneurial ventures, and other business development opportunities in specific communities.

ACE Goals:

Main areas of work: