Lescarmel Durand


Centre d’Entrepreneurship et de Leadership en Haiti


Lescarmel Durand

Lescarmel Durand, Project Manager, Centre d'Entrepreneurship et de Leadership en Haiti. Set up project budget, Employee Management, Negotiate contracts with suppliers, Event logistics, Plan field trainings, Write implementation reports, database management, Monitoring and evaluation, Coordinate projects (Korebiz/Atteindre: training for 418 medium and small manufacturing business with 80% of women entrepreneurs, AWE: support 20 women entrepreneurs for starting them own business, Entrepreneurship training for 50 women in the provinces of Haiti (SUD). Technical Officer/Support Officer (Konbit/Papyrus) Assistant to the Education Program Director (Rebuild Globally) Recruitment and Career Orientation Coordinator (HELP) Degree in Administrative Sciences Master I in Business Sciences, Economics and Management field.

Partnership opportunities:

CEDEL HAITI works with entrepreneurs and the staff always requires best practices for helping more people to achieve their goals. It will be a pleasure to learn and improve my skills for sharing with other in Haiti. It is always a challenge to succeed in my country, because the entrepreneurs don’t have all work formulas. If it exist an opportunity for me to discover more financials opportunities to boost some companies in Haiti, I will take it with passion.


In the sector where I work, I am in contact with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, women of power in business, institutions that work in the community aspect in Haiti. So I can allow exchanges to be made between influential people in business in Ecuador with institutions that are dedicated to making a change in the lives of MSMEs in Haiti, needing financial support to make a difference in the proper functioning of the business.

ACE Goals:

Main areas of work: