Paola Cano




Paola Cano

Paola cano is currently working as BDM in WORLDLOGISTIC S.A.. The company is a family business located in Tulcán - Ecuador She has  been working in this role for about 2 years and her main focus has been developing international commerce between Ecuador and Colombia. Before taking on this role, she worked and studied in Spain, in roles related to Supply Chain and International Commerce. When she attended college, she earned a full scholarship to study for 1 year at Willamette University in Oregon.

Partnership opportunities:

My focus is contribute to my hometown tulcan development. Tulcan is a city located in the border between ecuador and Colombia, for instance; internatinal commerce is a key factor to achive the city developments, being part of ace will help me to identify new opportunities, experts and project to keep contribuing my city.


When she was living in Europe, she learned a lot about how supply chains work in big multinational companies. Being back home has been a great opportunity to apply all of this knowledge in Ecuador, mainly in Tulcán. She possesses knowledge of how to work the supply chain process, customs, international transport in Ecuador and Europe.

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