United States

Dr. Peter Y Wui

Professor, Chair of Business Administration, Director of MBA

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff


Dr. Peter Y Wui

Peter Wui, Professor, Chair of Business Administration, Coordinator of MBA program, School of Business sand Management, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff As a professor of Economics, I have thought economics class over 20 years and as a Chair and MBA coordinator, I support student's clubs of investment, entrepreneurship with faculty. As a president of Arkansas College Teachers of Economics and Business (ACTEB), I hosted an annual conference for an Economic Development of Arkansas in 2017 at my campus. And as a joint Breakfast conference between the southern Arkansas Universities and Federal Reserve St. Louis, I hosted a economic development and innovation conference at my campus. in 2016. Also I support faculty to devise new ideas with small scale research grants funded from Bristol Myers Squibb(BMS). I was a research associate of aquaculture center at University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, a research assistant of Texas A&M University, a research fellow of Korean Rural Economic Institute. Ph. D in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University More than 20 peer reviews journal papers, and more than 20 research reports. I am a Fulbright Scholar to Spain on 2018.

Partnership opportunities:

1. I would like to find a exchange program with Ecuador Universities through MOU
2. For a current project of immigration impacts on economy, I would like to know the economic impacts of Venezuelans’ economic impacts on Ecuador and find a possible collaborator.
3. For an another current project of Marijuana legalization impacts, I would like to find another collaborators to develop the future projects.


1. My business analytics skills could be shared to support University programs.
2. My policy experiences on fishery and agricultural economic policy could be shared for Ecuador government policies.
3. The economic impacts analysis by using IMPLAN model could be used to measure the economic impacts of Ecuador’s several policies.

ACE Goals:

Main areas of work: