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Axel Cabrera

Axel Cabrera, Fellow, U.S.-Mexico Foundation. Axel oversees economic competitiveness and immigration projects at the USMF. He leads the C26+ Program aimed to advance North America's competitiveness in three main areas: Digital Economy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Smart Borders. He has co-authored a series of reports on immigration to Mexico. Axel is also part of the North Capital Forum team, a multi-annual platform to promote North America as an economic, social and political powerhouse. Prior to joining the USMF he worked in Public Affairs at LLYC, a global consultancy firm, and held strategic positions at the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations-COMEXI, Mexico's top think tank in international affairs, and was part of its Young's Professionals Program board. Axel has been published in national and international outlets as well as specialized media. Bachelor of International Business, Instituto Politécnico Nacional.

Partnership opportunities:

In my current job, I seek to be an effective bridge for greater understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico, as well as contributing to improved quality of life and social equity in Mexico. However, Mexico is a dual country, a bridge between North and Latin America, and the best practices can be found in all of the America. Getting to know the way things are done in Latin America, particularly in Ecuador, can greatly benefit the U.S.-Mexico relationship at large.


Knowledge on the North American think tank ecosystem. Expertise in engaging in actionable projects between stakeholders. Collaboration opportunities for forums, panels, and programs.

Main areas of work: