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Carmen Sánchez

Carmen Sánchez has a degree in Economics from the University of the Republic and a postgraduate degree in Governance, Political Management, and Public Policy from George Washington University. She also has a master's degree in Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation from the University of Salamanca. Her professional growth and development has focused on business development and the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture. She is convinced that MSMEs are the engine of growth in the country. She was manager of the Entrepreneurship Promotion Area of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining; she has also worked as an independent consultant, and worked for different international organizations (including the Inter-American Bank of Development, the United Nations Development Program, the European Commission, and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation for Agriculture -IICA-). She has taught in the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration of the University of the Republic.

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The Quality Model with Gender Equity is a tool for the implementation of public policies, which is in the focus of the National Women’s Institute.  The National Women’s Institute has sterwarded public policies on gender. They work between the public sector and the private sector. In addition to its objective of reducing identified gaps, including economic ones, the organization aims to initiate changes in the organizational management of companies. Therefore, it is of great importance for them to have more tools to contribute to the economic development of companies.

ANDE is an institution that promotes the development of Uruguay through programs that seek to improve business and territorial competitiveness, with an emphasis on MSMEs. It aims to contribute to productive economic development sustainably with consideration for social equity, the environmental, and territorial balance.

ANDE creates programs and instruments with special emphasis on the promotion of micro, small, and medium-sized companies. Its mission is to promote competitiveness and contribute to the sustainable development of small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the country through coordination with public and private actors.


They believe that their offer of exchange and connecting the ecosystem of their country with other countries would result in opportunities for improvement in everything related to development.

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