United States

Aaron Pacheco

Research Associate – Geographer
Region Nine Development Commission

Aaron Pacheco

Aaron Pacheco, Research Associate, Region Nine Development Commission (RNDC) Aaron works on social and economic development projects with RNDC as a research associate and geographer, and concurrently with Indiana University, Bloomington (IU) as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. His most recent projects and publications have looked at the correlations and dynamic nature between industries and local economies, development through foreign investment, and labor migration. As a research fellow at Stanford University, he learned to apply earth science to human geography through hurricane research. His majors in Geography and Geographic Information Systems, with a minor in Global Solutions in Engineering and Technology, had led him into a career in both domestic and international research, and in his doctoral program at IU.

Partnership opportunities:

As a team member of Region Nine Development Commission, it has been our goal to stretch across regions to make partnerships and collaborations for both industry and social development. Collaborating with research institutions such as my own affiliation with Indiana University, we have strengthened our abilities to implement effective plans of action while recognizing the impacts, either positive or negative, of a given project. We have already made strong connections with ACE and attending the ACE Ecuador program is a means to make new connections and strengthen our existing network together.


As a research associate and geographer for a regional development commission in the United States, I have had the privilege to work with many local industry leaders both domestic and international. The latest issues involve labor and sustainability have been at a top priority recently and our studies have given us insight into how industry investment can be directed to mitigate or exacerbate issues. My work on the climate related migration and economic impacts of climate events have played a big role in how we address labor and industry investment when climate change has induced levels of precarity.

Main areas of work: