Fernanda Stiebler

Advisor to the Innovation Board

Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP)


Partnership opportunities

“I believe that the program can contribute to the understanding of how science, technology and innovation policies are being built, how we can define clear guidelines, what are the success stories and what they are based on. We clearly see that even when the financial resources are available, the construction of public policy lacks a clear guideline of objectives, which causes the resources to be dispersed and with no focus on a big target”

The “Inova Empresa” – “Plan Innovates in company” was the first major coordinated action that I had the opportunity to help in the preparation, implementation and monitoring, it was a National Plan worth R$32 billion reais that involved companies, funding agencies and research institutions, focused on specific thematic areas. I believe that this experience was the last major coordinated innovation policy in Brazil. During the COVID pandemic, I had the opportunity to lead the monitoring of the implementation of research funding actions by Research Institutes and companies aimed the scientific development and innovation to face the Pandemic. Actions carried out in record time, under a new reality. These are some of the experiences that I intend to share and exchange in the program.

Main areas of work:

Nicole Griensewic

Executive Director

Region Nine Development Commission in Minnesota


Griensewic has served as Executive Director of Region Nine Development Commission since 2012. As executive director, Griensewic has made it a priority to foster collaboration and engagement by sharing Region Nine’s story both regionally and globally. Griensewic is an active board and committee member for multiple organizations throughout Minnesota. Griensewic is the immediate past President of the Greater Minnesota Partnership, and is the first female to chair the Executive Committee for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, where she served as chair of the Governance Committee. Griensewic also served as secretary of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota’s Governing Board of Directors and chaired the Governance Committee and currently serves as an advisory board member for South Central College’s Center for Agriculture. She serves on the executive committee for the MACS Board, Minnesotans for the American Community Survey Board of Directors and represents the Midwest on the National Assoc. of Development Orgs.’s (NADO) Board of Directors.

Griensewic is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has completed course work through Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Executive Education. She received the 2017 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Her professional background includes extensive private sector and non-profit leadership experience.