Lennel Malzaire

Director of Innovation    at the Innovation Division

Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science,
Technology and Vocational Training


Partnership opportunities

Reasons for joining the program:
Apart from the adoption and implementation of the Science Technology and Innovation Policy for Saint Lucia, it is my belief that all countries need to create safe environments for ideation with the requisite support systems for driving the seeds of passionate ideas to sustainable solutions. Innovation Hubs provide such opportunities. ACE 14 proposes the exploration: from foundation to the productive spaces that exist today in the many stellar Innovation Hubs. This will present the opportunity for attaining insight in the development process and establishing relationship for future collaboration and support. Moreover, these institutions will help me to define the benchmarks of excellence.     

The New Orleans Bio Medical Center is an additional experience of interest. From the labs and other facilities to the technical support for the developed technology this initiate is in keeping with futuristic plans for Biotech in Saint Lucia through proposed collaborations with Dr. Cato T. Laurencin. For me this location is a must see. I am particularly intrigues by the centre’s assessments of community impact, as with many initiatives the measurement of the reach and tentacles are proposed in conceptualization but seldom available for analysis. 

Mardi Gras World and National World War Museum are another must experience as they are artifacts of how the art of Storytelling can be used to generate economic activity. In the community of Mon Repos, there once lived a National Icon by the name of Sesenne Descarte (our Queen of Culture-Folk Music). Over two decades ago, the government of Saint Lucia constructed a dwelling home for her with the view to immortalizing her after passing in the form of a museum, today, despite assistance with cataloging from UNESCO, the establishment of a museum is still unaccomplished. The ACE 14 will open my eyes to the future, allowing me to gain perspective on the belief systems, traditions and values of the co-creators behind these spaces that take the culture and traditions of the people and create an economic system around it.

I have a particular affinity and curiosity for  this ACE 14 offering as both the location and culture are very similar to the Saint Lucia context of four hundred (400) years ago, but presents a snapshot of where Saint Lucia can be in the future.


To this ACE, I bring my technical experiences gained working within government. The work of the Innovation Division cut across many different Ministries and quasi- government organizations. As a result, I can function as conduit to the relevant bureaus. This work extends to the network that I can afford to other non-governmental, academic and producer/service association which may be of interest to the cohort and the technical personal who intend on sharing their knowledge. I do believe my recent training and experience through the start-up process has its merit in contribution empathetically to the innovator experience.

Main areas of work:

Nicole Griensewic

Executive Director

Region Nine Development Commission in Minnesota


Griensewic has served as Executive Director of Region Nine Development Commission since 2012. As executive director, Griensewic has made it a priority to foster collaboration and engagement by sharing Region Nine’s story both regionally and globally. Griensewic is an active board and committee member for multiple organizations throughout Minnesota. Griensewic is the immediate past President of the Greater Minnesota Partnership, and is the first female to chair the Executive Committee for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, where she served as chair of the Governance Committee. Griensewic also served as secretary of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota’s Governing Board of Directors and chaired the Governance Committee and currently serves as an advisory board member for South Central College’s Center for Agriculture. She serves on the executive committee for the MACS Board, Minnesotans for the American Community Survey Board of Directors and represents the Midwest on the National Assoc. of Development Orgs.’s (NADO) Board of Directors.

Griensewic is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has completed course work through Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Executive Education. She received the 2017 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Her professional background includes extensive private sector and non-profit leadership experience.