Aaron Van Alstine

Senior Programs Manager

Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)


Partnership opportunities

Reasons for joining the program:
PADF seeks opportunities that include: knowledge sharing and technology transfers to enhance food security and water resource management in communities affected by climate change; linkages with academia and the private sector to support youth education, workforce development, and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); collaborative projects to advance learning about disaster risk financing, impact-based forecasting, and anticipatory action for disaster mitigation; co-development of digital solutions to strengthen the delivery of humanitarian assistance; collaborations to foster the adoption of nature-based solutions and other risk reduction measures to strengthen coastal and urban resilience.

Our mission is to create a hemisphere of opportunity for all. PADF works across Latin America and the Caribbean to make our region stronger—more healthy, peaceful, just, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable for current and future generations. For 60 years, we have served the most vulnerable communities, investing resources throughout the hemisphere. We partner with and enable civil society, governments, and the private sector to address the needs of vulnerable populations, promote sustainable livelihoods, and advance rights and justice. PADF is nimble, innovative, and uniquely positioned to work with and across public and private sectors and civil society. PADF seeks new partners to join us in connecting local organizations with key regional and international supporters, networks, and spaces for cross-collaboration.

Main areas of work:

Nicole Griensewic

Executive Director

Region Nine Development Commission in Minnesota


Griensewic has served as Executive Director of Region Nine Development Commission since 2012. As executive director, Griensewic has made it a priority to foster collaboration and engagement by sharing Region Nine’s story both regionally and globally. Griensewic is an active board and committee member for multiple organizations throughout Minnesota. Griensewic is the immediate past President of the Greater Minnesota Partnership, and is the first female to chair the Executive Committee for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, where she served as chair of the Governance Committee. Griensewic also served as secretary of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota’s Governing Board of Directors and chaired the Governance Committee and currently serves as an advisory board member for South Central College’s Center for Agriculture. She serves on the executive committee for the MACS Board, Minnesotans for the American Community Survey Board of Directors and represents the Midwest on the National Assoc. of Development Orgs.’s (NADO) Board of Directors.

Griensewic is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and has completed course work through Harvard’s Kennedy School’s Executive Education. She received the 2017 Outstanding Recent Alumnus Award from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Her professional background includes extensive private sector and non-profit leadership experience.