March 26 - April 1, 2022

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Louisiana has always been an international hub for trade, a center for economic growth, and a nexus for cultural exchange and is a melting pot of people and cultures that form the gateway to the Americas. In a region defined by its rich natural resources and coastal geography, it is the resiliency of the people that drives the economy forward.

Louisiana is a pioneer in technological growth in advanced manufacturing, energy production, port logistics, biosciences, healthcare, water management, and various rapidly growing sectors.

The Greater New Orleans region was ranked No.1 in Forbes America’s biggest brain magnets.

On the ACE Louisiana Exchange, participants will have a firsthand look into Louisiana’s booming industries and explore newly developed international airports, expansive domestic and international port networks, highly ranked workforce development programs, and cutting-edge research facilities.

The week-long program will display the commerce and cultural connections throughout the cities of Louisiana. Businesses are flocking to this economic cluster because of its established infrastructure and growth potential for generations to come. However, the people of Louisiana remain the most significant asset (history, tradition, festivals, food, and resilience of spirits).

ACE is an opportunity to incubate and accelerate ideas, get inspired, find new partners, and build long-term connections vital for economic growth.

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