Stay Tuned! The Open Call for Applications will be launched in mid-August 2021 and will be announced here on the ACE Louisiana website, the ACE Portal, and through the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC)’s social media – Facebook & Twitter.

Candidates would need to fill out an online form in which they would need to include basic contact information, bio summary, identify their main objectives and share opportunities for collaboration with fellow ACE participants and Hosts. Once the application is received, the ACE Committee reserves the right to reach out to the applicant to clarify information for the application processes.

The ACE Committee will select up to 50 Top Global and Regional Leaders from the pool of applicants ensuring representation from the public, private and academic sectors. Top entrepreneurs are also welcome to apply to the ACE Louisiana.

The program is looking for doers and shakers transforming and advancing economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship in their countries, cities, and communities.  

ACE Louisiana will host the selected participants in a unique one-week immersion program that will take place Spring 2022 (Dates to be confirmed), in Louisiana, United States, through the Greater New Orleans region, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles region. Participants will visit throughout the week different range of innovation hubs, companies, research centers, universities, business incubators, and accelerators.

Who is invited to apply?

This high-level program invites top decision-makers from the OAS Member States and Permanent Observers who drive inclusive and sustainable economic development in their countries, institutions, and communities including Ministers/Vice Ministers or equivalent; members of Congress, Legislature, or Parliament; Presidents and Vice Presidents of Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive Officers; private sector and industry leaders; Mayors or senior leaders from cities or provinces; Chancellors, Presidents, and Vice Presidents of colleges and universities; Presidents of Competitiveness and Innovation Councils; top entrepreneurs; and Senior leaders of regional economic development partnership groups, innovation agencies, or other crucial public or private sector individuals to apply.

The program seeks in particular applicants who are undertaking concrete projects and initiatives on economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship to develop or improve in their institutions/communities/regions/countries as a result of their participation.

The ACE program strives to empower diverse representation from the public, private, and academic sectors and aims for geographical, sectoral, and gender equity amongst its participants, when possible.

Check out the directory of the ACE Alumni; a powerful Network of Ministers and Vice Ministers, Secretaries of Economic Development, Directors of Innovation, Lead Executive Officers, CEOs, Presidents of Competitiveness Councils and Chambers of Commerce, Presidents of Universities, Entrepreneurs from the Americas and Beyond


“ACE is not a one-off event; it is a continuation of a network of connections”
Dr. Barrett Haga
Senior Engagement
Administration of the EDA, U.S.
Department of Commerce

What are the Participants Requirements?

For questions, please contact:

Adriana Bonilla

ACE Program Coordinator

Cristina Narváez