ACE Louisiana


The Louisiana Edge

Since its birth, the State of Louisiana has been home to innovators, decision-makers, and adventurers from across the globe. Louisianans also mean business and take pride in working as hard as they play, no matter what’s thrown their way. Despite several natural and climate disasters hitting the region, Louisianans continue to maintain their resolve and push forward to create novel solutions towards a brighter future for all. That’s why participants will find Louisianans driving innovation within advanced manufacturing, port logistics, biosciences, water-management, energy, and other increasingly valuable sectors. Additionally, the fact that Louisiana remains a global leader in exports by volume and the only state in the U.S. where all six railroads have direct access to major ports demonstrates their resiliency and status as one of the most attractive places to do business.

ACE participants will swiftly realize that partnering with Southern Louisiana will open the door for extraordinary economic opportunities. Participants will have unique opportunities to experience Louisiana’s lifestyle and business climate first-hand, and engage with the state’s versatile workforce, entrepreneurial ecosystem, innovative leaders, world-class research and development facilities, cultural institutions, tourist pipelines, and more.

Louisiana’s economy and dynamic institutions of higher edition are matched by diverse urban, suburban, and rural communities. The state has significant natural resources that help fuel a wide range of industries and one of the most resilient workforces in the nation. Louisiana is home to some of the world’s finest chefs, musicians, and athletes who can thrive in the region’s unique cultural landscape. The state’s unique history, lifestyle, business-friendly climate, strategic location, and unmatched low cost of living provide a quality of life like none other – what is called the Louisiana Edge.

Some of the specific objectives of ACE Louisiana are to:

• Showcase examples of best practices, practical innovation and entrepreneurship-related initiatives in Louisiana’s economic, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

• Familiarize participants with the business-friendly environment in Louisiana to stimulate more significant multilateral trade and strategic investment opportunities.

• Actively promote collaborative relationships with and among participants to forge new partnerships and create new projects or joint-initiatives.

• Promote academic exchange, peer-to-peer learning, joint research, and public-private partnerships in Louisiana.

Louisiana Culture

Whether you are seeking to set up your home or business, you will certainly find warmth, wonder, and a wholehearted welcome in Southern Louisiana. There’s also a good chance you’ll run into one of the 400+ festivals that take place here each year – one of the many reasons why Louisiana is one of the happiest states in the U.S. according to Harvard University and Vancouver School of Economics researchers. Due to its unique geography and history, Louisiana is home to an incomparable variety of customs, dialects, and traditions. The consequent varieties of cultural heritage run like bright threads through many facets of the social, political, industrial, and artistic life of the state. A diverse and unique combination of music, food, clothing, religions, languages, architecture, art, literature, games, and sports create the colorful culture of Louisiana. The state has a large Cajun and Creole communities that greatly influence the food, language, and music. The state is laid back and unpretentious, with deep cultural roots that are protected and maintained with incredible fervor, especially on display in New Orleans.