Science, Technology, and Innovation as Axes of the Chilean Foreign Policy

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Building ProChile

Corporación de Fomento de la Producción – CORFO

Empresas y Startups/ Quick Wins
Startup Chile

Business Opportunities in High Value Added Sectors






El Desarrollo del Trismo,
Nuestra Mejor Apuesta

The Chilean Fishing Industry and the effects of a regulation in constant change

Salmon Industry

Achieve a more digital and human Chile,
connecting the lives of the people


Fundación Chile

Universidad Técinca Federico Santa María

Turning Chilean R&D
into Global Business Solutions

From Technology Transfer to Knowledge Transer

Convening firms to address corporate challenges through collaboration

Fundación La Protectora de la Infancia

Compromiso País

How to create a technological offer for different sized companies

UDD Innovation Ecosystem

UDD Inclusive Entrepreneurship

UDD Entrepreneurship Institute

UDD Science, Technology, and Innovation

UDD Institute of Sciences and Innovation in Medicine

iCono UDD Technology Transfer Office

UDD Digital Transformation Center

BCI, the entrepreneurship bank

Building an ecosystem

Creating a culture of innovation